About Jim

Hey there. Name’s Jim, and I’ve been a gear head since I was a little kid. I used to watch my Dad and Granpa fix their own cars on a Saturday, helping out with a spanner handed over and a beer fetched to begin with, before they began to teach me how to fix something up myself. Over time I inherited their old cars, and keep them running to this day. From there, I wanted a career that involved automobiles, but was quietly urged by my Mom to pursue something else.

I found a second love in all things legal, and ended up working my way up the field of law. It was respectable, and I still enjoy doing it to be honest with you, but at the same time I felt as though I wanted some link back into that first true love. So I turned to consumer law, and helped research and assist those in need of abates and rebates with broken consumer goods that fell short of promises and standards. Sure, it wasn’t always cars I got to deal with, but whenever I did it was a mighty fine time.

My weekends though, those are still mostly about cars. Though they’re also about my family, my brilliant wife and daughter. I’ve been teaching the little one a few tricks and tips with cars so when she’s old enough for her first she’ll be able to keep it running no sweat. Gotta say, seeing her get stuck in brings a proud smile to my face. We drive around our beautiful state of Maryland from time to time, when she’s up for it, too.

This site is more of a weekday project, though I’ll be updating it all over the place. Primarily I’ll be talking about cars. All sorts of cars really. But I’ll also be talking about other things that take my fancy from time to time. We all have other loves in life after all, right?