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What Does the Colour of Your Car Say About You?

The colour of a car can point to just about anything in a person’s life, from what they do for a living to whether or not they are a real “car guy” to if they are “collector” material. Ask any car enthusiast what the colour of a car means, and you’ll be surprised at the answers you get.

Especially when you look at the cars being driven around today, you will see a plethora of colours, designs, patterns, and accents on them. Solid colours are mostly spray painted while others with intricate patterns tend to be drawn by hand. It is easy to think at first glance that some of these interesting colours are sprayed on the vehicle. But in actuality, these may as well be wrapped in vinyl, which is growing in popularity nowadays due to the many paint finish options provided by TeckWrap and similar companies.

With that being said, have you ever wondered what your car says about you? Or perhaps, you want to know what colour your car says about you. Regardless, rest assured, we know more than you. Every car has a unique colour (or “colouring”) that defines its personality. Why is that? Well, colouring is a reflection of the car’s owner and is not subject to change. Here are some:

• The White, Black, and Gray

The colour of your car says a lot about you. You can pick out a Cadillac, Ford, or Audi for the same price as a small VW or Holden. A black car is associated with wealth and class, but more than that, it’s a lazy person’s choice. In contrast, white is a sign of sophistication. Gray is the practical choice, so go for grey or black if you’re looking for a family car.

• Brown or beige

If it’s beige, you’re probably a bit shy and reserved. People seem to be drawn to beige or brown palettes because it’s “fiscally responsible.” And “down-to-earth” appeal. So, if you’re shopping for your new car on a budget, you’re best off avoiding flashy colours like red and gold.

• Blue

In the past, you may have seen cars with a white colour scheme, but in recent times, the colour blue has become increasingly popular. If you notice the number of blue cars on the road, you will also notice that a lot of those cars are Minis. This is because we have seen blue cars become a status symbol. The colour can either represent the ability to change or to stay the same, depending on your choice. The blue car means that the person who owns it can either be a brave person or a coward, depending on the colour chosen. With a blue car, you can either be a flirt or a player. To some, a blue car means that the car owner is confident enough to go for something new and different.

• Red

The car has become more than a means of transportation. The automobile has become an extension of your personality and your lifestyle. Not only does it reflect your personality and lifestyle, but it plays a role in shaping the very same. The car is an extension of what you can represent as a person. The Red car represents a personality that is aggressive, daring, and competitive.



• Silver

The colour silver may be a popular choice for many car buyers. It has a classic, elegant look that is hard to beat. The colour is actually a lot more subtle than it looks. The silver cars you see are actually a mixture of silver and other colours, such as white, black, Gray, or dark blue.

Car manufacturers often choose colours that are meant to represent the ideals of the brand. There are some car colours that have a specific meaning for a brand, such as red for Ferrari or blue for BMW. But why do some cars seem to be more attractive than others? The car you own isn’t just a noise-maker. It can also tell a story about you. From the make and model to the interior and exterior colour, and even whether an infotainment screen is littered with buttons or looks like a phone, your ride says a lot about you.

Colour can make a big difference. Not just when it comes to what you wear, but also when it comes to what you drive. It’s no secret that people have certain colours they associate with certain things, but not many people are aware that their car also has a colour associated with it and what it says about them.

To many, choosing the right car is just a matter of preference. They want something that’s sporty yet not too flashy. They want a car that drives well but one that doesn’t attract too much attention. And they want a car that’s good in the snow. The problem is that there are also factors to consider: the paint colour you choose can say a lot about the brand of car you drive. And what you drive can say a lot about you.

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